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TC-A2 Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

TC-A2 Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

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TC-A2 Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

==Technical Parameter==



Power :

220V 1phase

Rating efficiency:


Air pressure:


Effective tape width:


Working speed:


Roller width:



up to 700°C

Exterior dimensions(L×W×H ):


Net weight:


1-Controlled by Panasonic programmable PLC with high definition display, English touch interface, process can be modified according to 
users' requirements. 
2-Auto controllable temperature with high stability slightly varies between±2°C, Warning device for 
temperature upper limit is installed to protect heating wire. 
3-It has the functions of synchro drive of the upper and lower wheel chain, auto compensation, and auto reverse. 
4-Double pedal control is designed according to human mechanics, simple and comfortable, suitable
for long-time operation. 
5-It is possible to work 24 hours continuously with high efficiency. 
6-Blowing-in wind can be filtrated without oil or water by unique heater tube. 
7-Automatic tape loosen system can be added according to specific requirements. 
8-The functions of auto tape clipping, sending and finishing reduce the wastage of raw material. 
9-Super-thin lower column is suitable to sealing product with various sizes.

Nylon-PVC, nylon-PU, high-class rain coats, wind coats, snow-suits, tents, military waterproof coverings, waterproof bags, motorcycle covering and boat covering, PVC laminated fabric,etc.


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