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Significance For The Pleating Machine To Cloth Industry
Feb 20, 2018

The birth of Fabric Pleating Machine is a leap in the fashion industry. Although in the beginning the pleating machine was not completely accepted by the public, it was mainly accepted in the seventies and eighties of the last world. But also because of its integration of ancient and modern clothes shape and characteristics, it makes it widely popular with everyone's favor.

Fabric Pleating Machine

Nowadays people, advocating nature and retro, and the pleating  machine also integrates the pursuit of clothing personality, and can cater to people's beauty psychology. Pleating machine clothing it is seamless, its appearance and technical characteristics are better. And now the changing shape of clothing, the advantages of fabric pleating machine is reflected, you can pressure fold different folds to tie clothes. As a result, the entire apparel industry is full of vitality.

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