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Introduction Of Intelligent Ultrasonic Welding Generator
Jan 14, 2018

The Digital Ultrasonic Welding Generator is composed of an ultrasonic amplifier module which can convert the Hz power frequency alternating current to the Super Audio transducer work and a control module with "System Protection monitoring" and "automatic tuning" function. The control module can cut off the ultrasonic energy when the Ultrasonic Welding work fails to provide high safety and reliability for the generator and even the whole set of Welding Equipment.

Digital Ultrasonic Welding Generator

1, the true Automatic frequency (AFC) to adapt to a variety of size welding mold and different design molds, automatic tracking frequency range: ±400hz (according to 15KHZ ultrasound, mold frequency in the 14.40-15.20khz can be automatic frequency tracking use). Frequency tracking accuracy: ±5hz

2, the use of CPU computer monitoring procedures for fast adaptability, built-in various protection systems "System protection monitoring" function will respond to the following:

IGBT High Temperature protection

Pressure is too high to cause overload

Ultrasonic generator Current too large

Loose or other failure of the solder head, horn or transducer

Generator circuit failure

Cable fault between generator and transducer

Automatic compensation for power supply frequency instability

3, "Automatic tuning" function can make the Ultrasonic Generator automatically tracking and compensation welding head frequency changes. This frequency change occurs when the temperature is too high, the surface of the solder head is worn or there is debris on the weld head.

4, built-in automatic constant amplitude system, the different pressure changes and voltage fluctuation automatic compensation, can be ultrasonic amplitude by 50%-100% stepless adjustment, adapt to different welding workpiece requirements.

Digital Ultrasonic Generator

5, the use of IGBT to do power amplification, quick response, than the traditional silicon power tube reaction speed of more than 100 times times faster, so the protection function is superior.

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