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Introduction Of Advantages Of Ultrasonic Welding Technology In Packaging Industry
Dec 02, 2017

Good product packaging can not only protect goods, but also enable buyers to understand goods and purchase desire at the first time, and play a positive role in improving commodity value, which is a necessary condition for commodities to enter the circulation field. The packaging industry requires a high degree of tightness and cleanliness for the products. Ultrasonic Welding can meet the requirements very well. Most of the traditional ways of sealing the thermoplastic package can be replaced by ultrasonic welding. The advantages of several ultrasonic welding processes in the packaging industry are summarized below.

ultrasonic welding

1, shorten the processing time, the combination of plastic in a few milliseconds can be completed (according to the specific circumstances set to 0.01-9.99 seconds).

2, the ultrasonic energy is only consumed in the exact area that needs to be welded, and it is efficient and economical. The processing process is clean, stable and reliable, and the energy consumption is low.

3, during operation, there is no need for preheating and heat preservation. Ultrasonic does not generate excess heat. It can seal and weld through contaminants, such as liquid and powder, without affecting the welding effect.

4, no need to use expensive and easy to pollute auxiliary products, such as adhesives, buckle nails, etc.

5. The ultrasonic equipment and its components are easily used in the automatic production environment and are compatible with the material delivery system. The advanced control and alarm system ensures the optimization of operation and output and significantly improves production efficiency.

Application case:

Food packaging: anti-counterfeit wine bottle cover, instant noodles paper bowl, ice cream paper cup, dairy packing box, fresh-keeping box, disposable paper cup, milk bottle, fast food box.

Daily use package: folder, card folder, toothpick box, nail clipper box, shopping bag plastic handle, woven bag, paper packaging bag.

Hose package: toothpaste tube, cleansing milk hose, cosmetic hose, frozen semen packing.

Film packaging: self sealed bag, packaging film, food bag.

Nonwoven fabric: non-woven bag, non-woven bag, water treatment filter bag, air filter bag.

Corrugated container: hollow plate box, plastic basket, postal special box, fishing gear box, storage container.

Medical packaging: drug packing box, liquid drug filter bag and so on.

Rope bandage: packing belt, backpack belt, sticky belt (magic stick) and so on.

ultrasonic sealed bags

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